Who the F@&K am I?

Great question. Some days I dont even know. ( I know, sooo mysterious...baarf)

Really, I'm just a guy. Thats all. 

The only thing I feel like saying right now - to help explain myself and maybe define a bit of who I am - is that I do have a bit of a "personality". I kind of stand out a bit. This isn't a bad thing, but it does lead to some interesting experiences and adventures. 

One that comes to mind is the fact that because I have a bit of a different skew about me, I always run into people that meet me and say; "OH My God! You are EXACTLY like my friend Jimmy!! Isn't he JUST like Jimmy? OMG! OMG! Sarah! Isnt this guy tooootally like Jimmy?!?"

Well, as flattering as that might be - and trust me, I appreciate the notoriety regardless of how minuscule it may be - but this has happened to me my whole life. 

There's one recurring theme that seems to go along with this occurance: ...whenever I actually meet "Jimmy", he's a total facking doucher. 

I know. Am I a doucher? Holy crap I hope not. But if I was...would I know I was?? (Mind bazooka)
But without a doubt, when I meet the person thats "exaaactly" like me, I'm alway like: "Oh crap...really? I'm like THIS guy?"

All I know is I started this blog for therapy, not advice, not to meet someone. I...like most of us...have a story, and I just wanted to tell it.

Contact Me: regulareverdaysingleguy[at]gmail.com

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