Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Yacht Girl Part 3....?

Ok, as far fetched as the original Yacht girl story was, it just gets gnarlier.

Please go check out Yacht Girl Part 1 and Yacht Girl Part 2 if you havent, its a helluva story, and will help this make a ton more sense.

So, where we left off with Yacht Girl was our weekend love affair fizzling out over time and distance.

Typical. I mean, she was a knockout, and hilarious, but how does something blossom between two very busy young professionals who live 250 miles apart? Not completely unfathomable...but difficult nonetheless.

Our texts became more and more infrequent, and eventually, we both went on with our lives.

Then. 6 months after that amazing night, I walked into my local spot. Rammed on a Saturday night, strolled up to my friends and out of the corner of my eye theres this gorgeous blonde just staring at me.

Obviously I think to myself, "What the hell is she staring at"... and then it hits me.

Fucking Yacht Girl.

Sitting with her friends, in my town for only a day shopping, and ended up at MY spot out of the literally hundreds of places they could have gone....miles away from their hotel.

Laser beams.

It took about 2 minutes of me standing there flabbergasted and yammering on like a clown for her friend to grab a chair, slide it beside her and say "Sit down".

And thats where I spent the entire night. Not with my friends. But sitting hip to hip with a bloody unicorn.

To say we started where we left off would be an understatement, it was a night of hilariocity coupled with a significant amount of rug-cutting. A perfect evening to sat the least. And to say I wasn't smitten would also be skirting the truth.

The surreal nature of how we came back together is only a testament to this single life I live. I mean, it couldn't have happened a different way to me.

Its bizarre and confusing for a boy who stopped believing in "Fate" a long time ago.

But its like the universe just dropkicked me in the neck as if to say "Hey asshole! It can happen to you too!"

So is there a fairy tale ending to this story? Well not yet, but it hasn't fizzled...yet...and hell, do I have a story to tell or what?

Holy Crap.

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